As the information technology and communication industries are just now experiencing the most rapid growth of all sections of the national economy, qualified personnel is in short supply everywhere in the world. The government of Germany was quick to realise the opportunities offered by the new technologies and opened its formerly restrictive immigration policy towards foreigners, by issuing so called green cards to let non-EU nationals to enter Germany.

Useful statistics on the topic of shortages of in the IT-sector in Germany, can be found on the web-site of the SPD in Germany.

The situation in Austria.

Although the situation in Austria is very similar and experts believe that there are at least 13.000 unfilled vacancies in the IT-sector, the admittance of non EU nationals is not the policy of the present government. Instead they are making an all out effort to train the indigent population. However this action, however well meant, certainly can not solve the short term problem. The assistant Dean of the Technical University of Vienna, laments - for example -, that his courses get so rapidly depleted, because students are snatched away with attractive offers by avid employers, no sooner that the students had started their course of study.


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