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    Accurate research is possible, because of the many criteria to which our data base will respond. E.g. programming experience, knowledge of software applications, type of employment desired, territorial preferences, linguistic qualifications etc. Therefore from a multitude of applications you can easily sift the ones that fit your profile requirement. Our data base is there for everyone to use at his leisure. Registration is not insisted upon.

    Should you have managed to find an applicant with the right qualifications, all you have to do is to click the blue button next to the selected applicant, marked "buy".
    As a special introductory offer, every employer receives one contact name and address, free of charge. This will be of course, the applicant whose qualifications you selected, as the one with the most promise.

    For further requests employers are charged € 73,- at a time. (For Austrian clients + 20% VAT)

  2. This is how easy it is to place your advertisement free of charge!
    Please complete our questionnaire and bingo, your advertisement will be put online within 24 hours, holidays and weekends excepted.

    Mail service: As soon as a response from a prospective employee is received, you will be immediately notified.

    With your personal code and user identification you can easily check at any time the response to your job offer and examine the qualifications of the applications received.

  3. There is also a further method we offer to you, for the presentation of your company image on the www:
    Our video factory offers a first class and yet amazingly low price and good value product: An example of our online videos can be seen, on our site, by way of an interview with our product manager, Ms. Maria Strebl. Customers of receive a discount of 20%.